My Very Own Custom Koozies Are Here!

Custom Koozie Diva

The no minimum custom printed koozies I order from to show everyone who the Diva is are finally here! I love the quality and how nice they look since the picture does not do them any justice!

5 Reasons Koozies Are Awesome

annachristineevents_9_11_2016_22_49_14_714We’ve had access to koozies for decades. Every year, it just seems like they keep getting better. From the bulky neon designs of the 80s to the high-tech versions of the present, there seems to be a koozie for everyone. Everyone knows that they help keep your drink cool, but just one of the many reasons that everyone loves koozies. Whether you’re picking one up off the internet or planning a fun giveaway for your friends and family, here are 5 reasons why koozies are awesome.

They’re Memorable
Remember heading out to that music festival with your friends in 2007? Thanks to the unique koozie they gave you at the beer garden, you’ve always got a reminder that you can take with you. Koozies are often produced in limited volume, ensuring that almost every one you get your hands on will be unique. Whether it’s your favorite brand, a popular event, or even a unique phrase you picked out, you can be sure that your koozie will be something you keep around for many years.

They Help You Find Your Drink
Every been out at your friend’s place, and suddenly you have no idea which drink is yours? When everyone’s drinking from the same case, it’s easy to lose track. But as long as you’re using a koozie, you’ll always be able to keep track. Here’s an idea: if you want to be the hero at your next social outing, show up with koozies for everyone! As long as they’re not the same, you and all of your friends can say goodbye to misidentified drinks.

They’re Multifunctional
Keeping your drink warm isn’t all that you can do with a koozie. If you’re a fan of life-hacks, you’ll love this. Koozies have been used on the bottom of table legs to prevent them from scratching hardwood floors. Place one on each end of a set of rolled up posters to keep them from unravelling. The uses for koozies are virtually unlimited.

They’re Expressive
We are always trying to express ourselves. The way we dress, our hair, what kind of car we drive, and many other decisions we make all tell the world a little bit about who we are. With so many different unique designs and styles of koozies, we can really make a statement to the world.

They’re a Cultural Icon
Ever since the 80s, koozies have been an important part of our culture. Whether we’re relaxing on the beach after a long day of work, or winding up before a night out, koozies have been right there with us. With all of this in mind, It’s not about asking ‘why koozies are awesome,’ but ‘what’s awesome about my koozie?’